Monday, July 14, 2008


Saturday afternoon was gorgeous - I took the train down a few stops and ran back along the parks and beaches along the river. Everywhere was packed with families and couples and groups of people with dogs and bikes and guitars, and probably 90% of people were passing around around mate. Saturday night we celebrated the birthday of one of the students at San Andrés at Frére, a bar/boliche in Belgrano.

On Sunday I had lunch with my host parents at the sports club they're members of. A lot of middle/upper class families in Argentina belong to these clubs - they have competitive teams for rugby/futbol/field hocky etc, kids come to take classes and be on teams, parents play pool and bridge, and families come to eat and swim together. My host parents have been playing tennis with the same group for years and years and said that when their kids were growing up the club was like a second home; it's a cool idea to combine sports with something so social. My host mom was telling me that argentines will take any excuse to get together and talk and eat and laugh, which I think is really healthy. Sunday night I went to the weekly artesan fair at Tigre. I can't believe that I'll be home in exactly 2 weeks!

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