Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I think the thing I miss the most about Seattle right now is long days.  It's tough to wake up before the sun and have it set only an hour or two after I get home in the afternoon.... in July.  But fortunately the weather's been good - I'm a big fan of almost-70 degree days in the winter.  

I got a monthly pass at a gym that's only a 8-10 minute run from my house (major thanks to Molly for finding it), which is really nice - I had missed working out sooo much.  It's a small gym on a corner with some cardio and free weights and a few machines and a studio upstairs for yoga and different classes.  I noticed a virgin mary statue in the corner of the gym, which was cute.  I also noticed that most of the trendy guys in Argentina are pretty into the whole almost-mullet look right now.   But anyways I'm glad to be working out again because it's so easy to spend all day eating things that are bad for you.  I think my favorite thing so far is Pollo Milanesa Napolitana - it's breaded/baked/sometimes fried chicken topped with ham, melted cheese, tomato sauce and herbs.  So bad and yet sooo good. 

I also just booked my boat ticket for our trip to Uruguay this weekend, I'm excited.     

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