Thursday, July 3, 2008

Steve Carrell

We had our second tango class last night.  Our instructor is tiny and hilarious, I just want to put her in my pocket and take her home.  I'm so glad that we found the class, it's way fun and it's too bad that we'll only be able to take a few more lessons before going home.  

I really like the classes we're taking at the University.  We have grammar twice a week and conversation/culture twice a week.  Today was way fun - we talked about and drew argentinian mythological creatures, discussed and made up "los piropos" (pick-up lines), and talked about machismo.  Here are our artistic interpretations of a few legendary creatures:

A few of us went to a local movie theater to see Get Smart tonight, although here it's called "Super Agente 86."  I was hoping that it would be in English with subtitles like most movies and TV shows here, but it was dubbed in Spanish and we were all pleasantly surprised at how much we could understand.  Matinees cost just over $4 USD, which was another pleasant surprise.  

I'm waking up in just a few hours to take a train and then a taxi and then a big boat to Uruguay for the weekend!  We're staying the night in a little historic town just on the other side of the Río de la Plata called Colonia de Sacramento.   

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