Friday, July 18, 2008

El Campo

On Tuesday we had lunch at a restaurant called Kansas - it's all American food and we were surprised to see everyone inside all dressed up.  Everyone was really excited to have American-tasting burgers and salads.  At $15 USD it was the most I'd spent on a single meal since I've been here, which says something about how favorably the exchange rate works out.
Wednesday night we went to a tango show in la Boca, and last night we went to the Jazz Club Olivos to watch Clarke play again.  I loved it so much - the players are all legitimately really really good, everyone at the club was so nice and it had a great atmosphere, and I really enjoy spending time with our group of students and the host siblings and friends we've met here.  

I saw Batman today, and it was definitely one of the best movies I've seen in a long while - and fortunately it was in English with Spanish subtitles or else a lot of the dialogue would have been lost in translation.

The last couple of day have been pretty historic for Argentina.  President Kirschner proposed a 45% export tax on agricultural goods, and on Tuesday over 300,000 people went downtown to protest during the senate vote.  100,000 people showed up to support the government and the other 200,000 were there on behalf of the farmers.  The vote was tied 36-36 until the Vice President cast the tie-breaking vote at 4:30 in the morning and rejected the increased export tax.  Today's newspaper had about 12 pages of articles about the vote.  It's interesting, in America we generally talk about political issues between republicans and democrats, but here in Argentina the political issues are between the government and the people.

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