Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lo Que el Viento Llevó

We had our first real class today.  Being in class feels like having a long conversation, and daily conversations are kind of like classes, so all in all it's not that bad.  I actually really like our class because we're not learning spanish, we're learning castellano, and I'm realizing how many really simple words I have yet to learn.  After class a group of us wandered around San Isidro until we found a cafe that was big enough for a group of 8.  I got all of my cell phone stuff squared away.  And Molly and and I wandered around the shopping district in Olivos a little.  We went into a video store and my favorite part was reading all of the translated movie titles... "Lo que el Viento Llevó" (What the wind took / Gone with the Wind)..."Eterno Resplendador de una Mente sin Recuerdos" (Eternal Shining of a Mind without Memories / Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)... "La Familia de mi Novia" (The Family of My Girlfriend / Meet the Parents).  I was really surprised at how many people were on the streets at 7:30 when it was already dark.  Supermarkets are really rare, it's mostly newstands and kioskos (gum, candy, phone cards, etc) and specialty stores that sell only handbags, only shoes, only bedsheets, only stationary, only underwear.  There was a women's clothing store called Brocolli, haha.  But I guess that's kind of like naming mexican restaurants in the US "el sombrero."

I really like having dinner with the family every night.  We usually eat around 9pm, which I like.  My host parents get home from work/errands around 7 or 8, and after dinner everybody winds down.  It noticed today that my days always revolve around meals; relaxing for a couple hours every day with food and friends is a nice change from eating practically all of my meals on the go the last couple weeks of spring quarter.    

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