Monday, June 23, 2008

First Day of School

It was so good to go to school and finally see familiar faces and meet the rest of the group from Harvard.  After introductions and placement tests and business in general, one of the students from San Andrés took us to a restaurant on the water (at a boat club I think?).  I love how inexpensive food is here - I had a plate of gnocchi that I couldn't even finish for $4.  We all sat and talked for 2, almost 3 hours.  Traveling with different groups of people helps you to find common ground with people that you otherwise wouldn't seek out.  After the train ride home a few of us went into one of the movistar stores to buy the equivalent of trac phones.  Cell phones are confusing enough in english, it was pretty funny trying to communicate with the phone guy in Spanglish.  Or here, is it Castellanish?

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